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Kyle Danemayer, MPT, TDN, CST

Matrix Dry Needle Physical Therapy

Over a decade ago in Cincinnati, Kyle Danemayer became the first dry needle physical therapist to wield an acupuncture needle in successful treatment of migraines, plantar fasciitis, neck and back pain, arthritis, inflammation, fibromyalgia, TMJ, digestive conditions, sinus congestion, and visual/hearing impairment, through fascial release. Dry Needling, as the procedure is called, involves the application of an acupuncture needle to relax restricted tissue throughout the body.  The result is a profound increase in range of motion and pain resolution. Dry Needling is safe, natural, and an extremely effective alternative to conventional medicine.



Lactation Consultant

Dee Keith has been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 1987.

Her passion is for breastfeeding; the first and most important decision a parent can make is how and what their baby is fed. She solves easy and complex breastfeeding problems that others have given up on or don’t know how to make better.  Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or employed outside the home, one or several babies, breastfeeding can and does work. As the mother of ten breastfed children, and as a practicing Lactation Consultant with over 36 years’ experience, it is her hope to help you have a smooth and enjoyable breastfeeding experience.  

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Jessica Schloemer

Integrative Nutritional Health & Wellness Coach

Jessica is a Nutritional Health and Wellness Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner and Yoga Instructor with a special interest in Women’s Digestive and Hormonal Health.  She was diagnosed with IBS at the age of 17 and understands the physical and emotional pain associated with this “disorder.”  She has spent the past two decades, and continues, studying and researching the connection between the gut and brain and how to heal the digestive system and bring wholeness and balance to the whole person.  She believes the journey towards health begins on the path of self love.

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Robin Hanson-Gobell, CTT

Holistic Health Mobile Thermography

We map, measure and monitor breast and body disease-causing inflammation followed by individualized and doctor recommended next steps, using NO radiation or compression!  Robin Hanson-Gobell (Certified Thermographic Technician) began working with mobile thermography in 2018.  Robin is a Certified Thermographic Technician and a professional member of Breast Thermography International and The Professional Academy of Thermology.   She feels being a licensed massage therapist has enhanced her ability to work with people as they navigate their wellness journey via thermography.   It’s a privilege for Robin to help her clients monitor and improve their health through thermography, massage and providing holistic solutions.   She looks forward to working with you on your Wellness Journey.



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Kate Halbig

Certified Reflexologist

Reflexology is the application of pressure points on the feet, hands and ears which connect to every part of the body by nerve pathways and subtle energy channels. A reflexology session can stimulate these connections, bringing soothing relief to the corresponding body part, whether the sinuses, back, neck, lungs, stomach,

shoulder, knee, hip or other areas of stiffness or pain. The sessions are usually an hour long and are simple, effective and completely safe. It is a beneficial alternative to traditional medical methods and a valuable skill to complement conventional treatments.

If you are interested in receiving a reflexology treatment you can contact Kate directly by text at 513-317-2049. Text preferred.


Ally Flesch, APRN

Nurse Practitioner

As a family nurse practitioner, Ally will individualize treatments for each patient with lifestyle changes, dietary changes, supplements and medications when necessary. Over her career in the nursing field, she has discovered a passion for finding and fixing the root cause of disease rather than masking it.  Ally is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a passion for wellness.  She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky in 200 and her Master of Science in Nursing from Northern Kentucky University in 2011.  She has had a diversified career preparing her to serve your whole family today.







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Marsha Brown, BS, CECP

Covenant Natural Healthcare

The Emotion Code is a non-invasive, energy-based approach, much like Nutrition Response Testing, to easing physical and emotional discomfort by identifying and releasing trapped emotions. 

Commonly referred to as “emotional baggage,” trapped emotions are the result of past events, traumas or abuse and often times negatively affect one’s physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual wellbeing.


By releasing trapped emotions, this simple yet transformative healing method makes conditions right for the body to heal, and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much easier to deal with.  


Clients often report feeling “lighter,” “happier” and “more connected” to themselves and others after just one session. 

For years, Marsha has been a proponent of holistic healing, utilizing the application of a healthy diet of unprocessed, organically sourced food and supplements. Through her multi-faceted careers, she has always sought to help those in need with the usage of healthy diets, mindful routines, and by educating herself with the most recent advancements of holistic health. Marsha’s passion is passing the knowledge she has gained onto others so that they may begin their healing journey and live a healthier, more mindful life.

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Amy J. DiChiara, M.D.


As a Functional Gastroenterologist, Dr. Amy DiChiara is passionate about using the latest in integrative, functional, and traditional medicine to help her patients who are suffering from unexplained bloating, abdominal pain, GI irregularity, and liver mysteries find lasting solutions so that they confidently enjoy meals again, leave home carefree, reclaim their health and vitality, and ultimately LiveWell.   She works with you to understand the symptoms and discomfort you are experiencing and develop a treatment plan focused on getting to the root cause of those issues. 


Thorough diagnostic testing offered validates the real symptoms you are experiencing despite being previously told everything is “normal.”  Using a whole-body approach, treatment plans address nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, and medications, when needed.  You are supported along your health journey with a health and nutrition coach and a caring physician just a message away.  


Double Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology with additional training in Functional Medicine, Dr. DiChiara bridges the gap between holistic and traditional medicine to provide comprehensive care you can trust.  With 15 years of experience in the Greater Cincinnati, Dr. DiChiara is thrilled to be venturing out from corporate medicine to establish a practice that is free to serve her Kentucky and Ohio patients in a holistic way through in-person and telemedicine visits.  A practice that allows her clients to find healing and LiveWell.  

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Alexandra Roach

Herbalist, Nutrition & Health Coach

Alexandra is a loving wife & mother of three. She established Holistic-Ways in 2012 and has been practicing since as a holistic health practitioner & movement teacher in the US and Germany. In 2015,she received the Department of the Army’s Meritorious Public Service Medal for her training of US Army paratroopers in holistic approaches to nutrition, physical health & movement, and techniques in addressing moral injury and PTSD. In 2019, Alexandra added herbal approaches (Western, Traditional
Chinese Medicine and First Nation) to her repertoire after studying at the Clearpath School for Herbal Medicine (AHG).

Now, she combines these complimentary techniques to guide her clientele. For Alexandra, it is essential to look at the entire person, to facilitate your complete well-being on the basis of five areas: Nutrition &
Herbs, Physical Activity, Relationships & Community, Career & Profession, and Faith & Spirituality.

God created us as unique persons. We are all different. This bio-individuality is the foundation of Alexandra’s health consultations and lifestyle suggestions. She is excited to accompany you on your path
to becoming the “Best Version of Yourself!”

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Each provider utilizing The Wellness Collective (TWC) is an independent provider leasing space from TWC. The Wellness Collective is not responsible for the business practices of each provider nor monitors their business practice. TWC may or may not agree with the philosophy, treatment plans, or practices of each provider. Any concerns about your care should be taken directly to your wellness care provider.

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